May 3, 2021

Industry Cultural Awareness

Simpcw Resources LLP is committed to the preservation of Simpcw heritage has implemented a Cultural Awareness Training course to its business affiliates working within the Simpcw Territory. This training course will give an introduction to Simpcw First Nation community, their culture, governance, and practices. “Simpcw First Nation Cultural awareness training course provides business affiliates working within Simpcw Territory the background and knowledge required to pursue business ventures respectfully, and responsibility” said Jason Dorey, Senior Operations Manager at Simpcw Resources LLP.

Strad (T7elksten) is a Joint Venture providing industrial matting within Simpcw Resources LLP's Civil Pipeline Works projects throughout the Territory. Stad was one of the first partners to take the online Simpcw Cultural awareness training course. “We have identified executives, administrative, and operations employees to take the training so that we are conducting business in a culturally, and respectful way. Our intent is that anyone who works within the partnership will take the training" Sandi Morrisseau, Indigenous Relations Advisor, Strad.

According to Sandi, the training platform was user-friendly, easy to digest, and provided a holistic view of what it means to be working in the Simpcw Territory.  Sandi said that "hearing directly from Chief Shelly Loring, Councillor Tina Donald, and Elder Mona Jules, on how the land was and is currently being used, and the module on the Simpcw governance structure that follows traditions and history is inspiring". “Now when visiting the Territory, I will be inspired to make a better connection to the community and to build relationships that are respectful and meaningful. This was amazing opportunity to learn about the Simpcw community. It’s so important to take time to learn about each different community we work in,” said Sandi.  Simpcw Resources LLP with the guidance of Simpcw First Nation will role out this cultural training to all business affiliates working within the Simpcw Territory.