About us

What we are about

Simpcw Resources Group is diversified construction resource company comprised of multiple professional services including environmental, management, and operational services while preserving Simpcw culture and heritage with respect towards the environment. Simpcw Resources Group maintains a staff of financial administrators, managers, professionals, technical staff, and skilled laborers to oversee active projects, business development opportunities and managing of partnerships, joint ventures, and sub-contractors.

Our goals include creating economic growth from the commercial development of natural resources within the Simpcw'ulécw (Simpcw Territory) by being the major contractor and competing for work in both the public and private sectors. Our core services include Forestry, Aggregates, Pipeline Maintenance, Construction, Environmental, Security, and Archaeological.

We are guided by our values and principles.
Preservation of Simpcw Culture and Heritage
Maintaining a balance between economic development and resource sustainability
Control over business risk respecting that we are a community organization
Provide a healthy environment for economic and social benefit for the people of Simpcw First Nation