About Simpcw Resources Group

The purpose of Simpcw Resources Group (SRG) is to generate income and employment for Simpcw First Nation from the use of Simpcw Natural Resources using sustainable and environmentally responsible methods with respect the culture of the Simpcw First Nation.

Guiding Principles:

  • Preservation of Simpcw culture & heritage
  • Respect for environment
  • Sustainability of resources
  • Control over business risk respecting that we are a community organization

We continually work with Simpcw First Nation to engage Simpcw entrepreneurs, members, and industry partners.

We encourage youth to pursue further education in natural resources by offering bursaries and scholarships through high schools and universities.



Simpcw Resource Group maintains a database that consists of Simpcw owned businesses and partnerships to provide a multitude of services including:

Our Team

Simpcw Resources Group maintains a staff of financial administrators, managers, professionals, technical staff and skilled laborers to oversee active projects, business development opportunities and managing of partnerships, joint ventures and sub-contractors. 

Chief Executive Officer (Acting) - Al Chorney
Finance Manager - Carla Fennell
Business Development Manager - Jason Dorey
Business Administration - Mary Mackenzie
Employment and Training Coordinator - Connie Falk
Receptionist - Mary Fortier
Resource Technician - Jay Curtis
Project Administration - Sharon Donchi
Payroll/Accounts Payable - Kathy Moulder
Integrity Program Foreman - Rob Celesta


Management Committee

Keith Matthew, Chair
Ron Lampreau Jr, SFN Chief & Council Representative
Lori Eustache, SFN Chief & Council Representative
Paul Donald, Director
Ron Lampreau Sr, Director
Al Chorney, Director
Charles Matthew, Director
Vivian Pylatiuk, Director