May 28, 2021

The Power of Partnerships

SIMPCW Resources group Ltd and Paradigm Building Solutions Ltd have formed a joint venture to pursue the goal of constructing net zero energy efficient wood constructed homes and commercial buildings through British Columbia.

We will jointly pursue business opportunities to supply open wall panels for the construction of homes and commercial buildings. Moreover we will work together building homes that comply with the rigorous Step Code 5 Energy standard. Step Code 5 basically means that a house can produce about the same amount of energy (e.g. through solar) as it consumes on average per year. This net zero standard only becomes mandatory in 2032 in BC. It is seen as a great way not only to reduce Green House Gases but also to create more comfortable, energy efficient houses. Commonly those houses are perceived as more expensive to build, but through standardisation and automation the join venture will strive to bring construction cost down. Murray Velichko, COO of Paradigm Building Solutions Ltd said: "We see huge potential working together with the SIMPCW Resources Group Ltd. as there is not only huge demand for First Nation housing but energy efficient homes also align well with our values and those of our joint venture partner." Brook Carpenter, Manager Business Relations at SIMPCW Resources Group Ltd stated that "Together we will build a new generation of net zero efficient housing for First Nations and third parties! This is a huge step for the industry and we are proud to be amongst the first to take on this challenge together.

About SIMPCW Resources Group Ltd

Simpcw Resources Group (SRG) is a diversified construction resource company comprised of multiple professional operational services. The purpose of SRG is to create a community that fosters respect and self-sufficiency using sustainable and environmentally responsible methods that honour the culture of Simpcw First Nation. Our goals include creating economic growth from the commercial development of natural resources within the public, private sectors. Our core services include Forestry, Aggregates, Pipeline & Civil Works, Construction, Environmental, Security, and Archaeological.

About Paradigm

Paradigm Building Solution Ltd. (Paradigm) is operating a fully automated manufacturing facility in Barriere BC since Fall 2020. The owners have invested in a highly innovative technology allowing for the build of open wall panels used in wood constructed buildings. Paradigm produces open wall panels for larger residential and commercial projects. Paradigm also offers fully insulated closed wall panels to be used for Passive Houses and Net Zero housing solutions. This venture sees the innovative company as only the 3rd in the world to bring the unique technology to market, offering sustainable housing solutions to Canadians through prefabrication.

"Together we will be the new generation of net zero efficiency housing for first nations and third parties! This is a huge step for the industry and we are proud to be amongst the first to take on this challenge together".