April 6, 2021

Human Resources Connection

Sheryl Brown is a enthusiastic and engaging Human Resources Manager.  She is passionate about working for SRLLP and supporting the community. Currently she is serving on the Board of Directors at Volunteer Kamloops as Vice President. Sheryl has always been drawn to living and working in smaller communities. As a child she was raised in Metis community in Manitoba. She then went on to live in small communities in all four western provinces. 

Sheryl is passionate and committed to a respectful, fair, transparent, and equitable hiring process that respects and honours the company’s mission, vision, and values.  She believes it is important to hire with intention and not reaction. In her role she works with the team, to ensure that the many kinds of biases do not find their way into the hiring process. Whether the position is seasonal, short-term, or long-term it is important to look at the impact on SRLLP business, culture, and reputation.

Sheryl shares a love for cooking, food & trying new recipes, enjoys outdoor activities & staying active. Spending time with her family & friends is an important time for connection. Sheryl considers herself a life-long learner both informally and formally.  Sheryl holds multiple diplomas and certifications including Labour relations, Business Administration, Indigenous Canada, Psychological Safety in a Workplace, Disability Management, and Workplace Investigations. She holds the CPHR, CTMP and RPR designations. Additionally, she is scheduled to start her MBA with a focus on Strategic Human Resources.

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