Simpcw Ledcor LP

Simpcw Ledcor LP

Simpcw Resources LLP and Ledcor Pipeline. Together they have embarked on a piece of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Trans Mountain has two major pipelines that have been maintained in a deactivated state that will be reactivated. 

The Jasper – Mount Robson reactivation spans 150km from Hinton, AB to Hargreaves, BC. The West Barriere Reactivation spans 42kms from Darfield to Black Pines BC. The Simpcw Ledcor Partnership will provide 134 pipeline integrity digs, 16 natural hazard mitigations sites, seven water crossing upgrades, installation, or replacement of 25 valves and hydrostatic test recertification program on the combined 192 kms of pipeline. 

Their work is spread over four separate regions and a variety of conditions and challenging terrain. The Simpcw Ledcor Partnership unites Simpcw Resources LLP’s guiding principles and Ledcor’s values to provide safe, quality, and sustainable work while preserving Simpcw culture and heritage while respecting both the community and the environment.

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